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Microshop: Day 7

Continued to work on the sander. Made the assembly to hold the sanding disc, the base for the drill, the bench and some custom threaded pins. Had to improvise since I flipped the sander side when I made the body of the workbench. Now the drill base will be taller. Also the sander bench andContinue reading “Microshop: Day 7”

Microshop: Day 4 & 5

Couldn’t post last weekend, this post has what I have done since then. Day 4: Finished the table saw, installed the first switch and the support arm. Added some frictionless tape to the fence and mitter gauge, that made a huge difference, now the saw works much better. I started to work on the drillContinue reading “Microshop: Day 4 & 5”

Microshop: Day 2

I continued making the remaining parts to assemble the bench body. Some were more challenging since they required perfect circles. I followed the One Minute Workbench advice for making circles with the router (see video embedded at the bottom of this post). Had great results! A friend suggested to give a coat of sanding sealerContinue reading “Microshop: Day 2”