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Microshop: Day 2

I continued making the remaining parts to assemble the bench body. Some were more challenging since they required perfect circles. I followed the One Minute Workbench advice for making circles with the router (see video embedded at the bottom of this post). Had great results!

A friend suggested to give a coat of sanding sealer to each part before assembly. It will protect the wood even under the joins and it is easier to apply than when it is fully assembled.

Then I was ready to assemble it. Used glue, hold it with clamps and the square to align it. Then pin nails and screws for the side joins. For the top layer just glue, pin nails and clamp it until next time.

Now that I’m looking at the pictures, found a mistake. I attached the side for the sander upsidedown. The glue dried, so it is going to stay like that. It will need some adjustments to the design when I make the sander and it’s bench. I will probably need to use a chair while sanding. Still I had a lot of fun! Spent around 7 hours on this today, so far 11 hours on the project.

This is the video from the One Minute Workbench channel that covers most of what I did today.

Microshop Series


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